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Make washing hands real fun for your kids by creating a soap with a toy inside. You will need a mold, a soap base, a plastic toy and if you want any essential oil or fragrance you like. Place a toy into the mold. Melt soap base in the microwave and pour to the mold. Let it cool. Remove from the mold and enjoy!
One more cool idea is to make a string picture to decorate the kids’ room. Firstly, prepare the design you like and print it. We love dinosaurs that’s why we share a tutorial with a cute dinosaur. Take a piece of wood, attach your design to the wood with sticky tape. Using your hammer nail a nail according to each mark or line of your design. Once all the nails are on the board, remove your paper. And finally, tie one end of the string or yarn to a nail and start stringing. You may use one or a few colors you like.
If you want to hide something from your little brother or sister, make a secret stash out of a teddy bear or any stuffed animal you have. This is a very cool project with a perfect result. First, cut the head of a teddy bear and remove some stuffing, fit the jar and glue, glue the head on to the lid.
Every girl loves dolls but the best one is Barbie! We have a collection of ideas on how to make different accessories for your doll: use hot glue gun to make glamorous heels; cut a balloon to make a swimsuit or even collection of swimsuits for a beach party; use play-doh to make an incredible dress for your Princess; use paper clips to make hangers and organize the wardrobe.
Share your crafting ideas with us!

00:09 Amazing barbie crafts
08:13 Teddy bear secret stash
15:22 Soap with a toy inside
14:55 DIY Dragon egg
20:39 Fun way to reuse drinking straws

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0:20 Barbie doll outfits
6:25 Toys accessories
16:50 Yarn dinosaur
25:54 Cute sock animals

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Кадр из видео 23 Amazing Hacks For Parents And Kids
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