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7 Mind Blowing Machines You Should Know!

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The Fractum is a hammer worthy of mythical hero Thor. It is one of the most powerful hammers on the planet, requires 400,000J for each stroke and performs up to 7 strokes per minute.
It has been estimated that each impact of the Fractum is about 15 times greater than the biggest hydraulic hammers in the world, and in industries where overwhelming power is needed, such as steel mills, this often proves to be a lifesaver.

The Ponsee Ergo is delightfully efficient, combining the precision of a machine with the skill of a seasoned lumberjack.
The Ponsee represents an advancement in the field of tree chopping, as it comes as a rugged all-terrain vehicle with a tree harvesting head that hugs a tree trunk like a koala, then executes it with extreme prejudice, strips off bark and branches, and sections it into logs of a predetermined length in a matter of seconds.

SSI Shredders
The SSI Shredder could not have come at a better time. As a result of a newfound focus on environmental conservation, recycling has never been more popular.
Cobalt, an innovative company based in Ohio, is Ready to help other companies to manage their decommissioned hardware from a reuse perspective all the way to end of life perspective.

Forage Harvester
The Forage Harvester is a product built by Kemper Engineering, designed to meet the food production demands of our ever teeming population.
In the quest to produce more food, it is essential that we make use of bigger, more efficient machines, and the Forage Harvester seems uniquely suited to that ideal.

Sinot - Nature 120m
The Sinot Nature is the grandest of the grand. This creative design by the Netherlands-headquartered yacht design company Sinot is a Mega Yacht that truly lives up to the name.
Coming in at more than five times the average length of your average Super Yachts, this vessel measures in at a mind blowing 400-foot long yacht, and is fully equipped with temperature controlled gardens, master owner bedroom, swimming pools, a 900-square meter panorama deck.

The BiSki was designed for people with a combined love of both motorcycles and jet skis, and who have long wished for a vehicle that combines both.
Designed by Alan Gibbs of Gibbs Amphibians, this bi-ski concept prototype is a truly amphibious single-seat motorcycle that can be ridden right into the water without any problems.

The GreyP G12 is yet another vehicle that functions as yet another blend of motorcycle and bicycle.
This vehicle features a dual suspension frame, beefy midsection, and the capacity to reach top speeds of 65 km/h.
The upgraded version of this device, the G12-S, comes with an improved 1500 watts of power and a top speed of 70 km/h in power mode.


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Кадр из видео 7 Mind Blowing Machines You Should Know!
Кадр из видео 7 Mind Blowing Machines You Should Know!
Кадр из видео 7 Mind Blowing Machines You Should Know!

7 Mind Blowing Machines You Should Know!

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