Building The Engine For My Amg G63!
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My AMG G63 is coming together! The production of the new Shmeemobile is underway, and what could be better than heading to the home of Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach, Germany to visit the assembly plant for the V8 Biturbo engines to see where it all happens.

Having ordered the new G63 a while ago, it's not long now until the car is going to be ready. First up the engine production gets started in Germany before it will be taken to the main assembly facility in Graz, Austria, which I will be visiting in the coming weeks to see in the final stages.

Visiting the place where the beating heart of the car is built is always special, and we can follow how it comes together including focusing on the pistons and turbos, two quite interesting stages along the way. To help demonstrate we are joined by Lars Laukenmann to guide a G63 engine through the motions to completion and ready to be sent off. The way the process is actually run by AMG, at this point with the transport and logistics ahead the engines are not yet assigned to specific customer cars. This is why it is not possible for owners to make specific requests for individual engine builders for example.

Up to this point it has been a long wait but the countdown is now on, and it won't be that long until we're seeing the G63 being built and then eventually taking delivery in the UK!

Thanks for watching, Tim



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Кадр из видео Building The Engine For My Amg G63!
Кадр из видео Building The Engine For My Amg G63!
Кадр из видео Building The Engine For My Amg G63!

Building The Engine For My Amg G63!

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