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8 Awesome Sci-Fi LIFTS & ELEVATORS
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The Lifestyle Lift is an exciting new idea by British company Terry Lifts, and it aims to provide a new and easier approach to reaching the higher levels of your home.
The Lifestyle Lift comprises of a fully enclosed cabin with an enclosed handrail and a door which requires little or no effort to move. It also comes equipped with a fold down chair for convenience if you’d rather sit.

The Vertical Walking System is an innovative design by RombOut Design with the alterna- tive name of the “Verti-Walk”.
Powered by humans, this device could serve both a utilitarian function as well as helpling in physical therapy for people who are apparently unhealthy as well as those who are physically impaired.

Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevator
While Mercedes-Benz is known for their cars, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, also has another popular attraction, that is its elevator.
This futuristic set of lifts have been demonstrated to awe crowds from all over the world.

The MULTI is the brainchild of global corporation ThyssenKrupp, and it has been described as a multi-cab Elevator System that could revolutionize contemporary lift systems.
The MULTI, as the name may have implied, functions by utilizing a group of cabins within a single all-encompassing system.

Pneumatic Elevator
The Pneumatic Elevator is powered by the environment! This air driven, environmentally conserva- tive platform is the latest trend in residential elevators and it is widely available in 3 exciting mod- els.

The Home Lift is an in-home personal lifting device from Polish company Schadowa-Winda. Originally designed for people who have a measure of physical disabilities, the Home Lift has piv- oted into providing valuable elevator services to anyone and everyone.
It comprises of a well designed stainless steel enclosure which could come with a comfortable seat for people who are either unable or unwilling to walk.

The Nerigo was designed by South Korean engineers as an emergency escape platform for multi-story buildings.
Built for the event of any fire or natural disaster that necessitates a rapid exit from a high rise building, the Nerigo works without the use of electricity, making it ideal for emergen- cies where power isn’t guaranteed.

Paternoster Elevator
The Paternoster Elevator is an underrated feat of engineering. Comprised of a delicate system of a chain or conveyor belt of open compartments that move slowly in a loop up and down inside a building, this elevator system is always in motion.


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Фото с обложки 8 Sci-Fi Lifts & Elevators
Кадр из видео 8 Sci-Fi Lifts & Elevators
Кадр из видео 8 Sci-Fi Lifts & Elevators
Кадр из видео 8 Sci-Fi Lifts & Elevators

8 Sci-Fi Lifts & Elevators

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