Little Caesars® Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers Review!

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Little Caesars® Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers Review!
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CHEESE-N-PRETZEL DIPPERS are 16 savory pieces of buttery, salty, toasted, soft pretzel bites served with a side of warm, creamy cheddar cheese dip, all for just $3.49.
Little Caesars is the third largest pizza chain in the United States, behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza.[1] The Little Caesars headquarters is located in the Fox Theatre building in Downtown Detroit, Michigan.[2] The company is famous for its advertising catchphrase, "Pizza! Pizza!" which was introduced in 1979. The phrase refers to two pizzas being offered for the comparable price of a single pizza from competitors. Originally the pizzas were served in a single long package (a piece of corrugated cardboard in 2-by-1 proportions, with two round pizzas placed side by side, then slid into a form-fitting paper sleeve that was folded and stapled closed). In addition to pizza, they served hot dogs, chicken, shrimp, and fish. Little Caesars has discarded the unwieldy packaging in favor of typical pizza boxes.
In 1998, Little Caesars filled what was then the largest pizza order, filling an order of 13,386 pizzas from the VF Corporation of Greensboro, North Carolina.[3]
Little Caesars' profits were declining in the 1990s, due to the company's attempts to offer free delivery. While delivery was free, the cost of the pizza per customer was doubled. Instead of offering two pizzas for the price of one, the company would only offer one pizza at full cost, but included free delivery. The decrease in sales caused a large number of franchises to shut their doors and leave a number of once profitable markets.
The chain opened its first location in Africa in 1998, and continued to experiment with international stores for the next decade.
Starting in 2004, the chain began offering "Hot-N-Ready", a large pepperoni pizza sold for $5. The concept was successful enough to become a permanent fixture of the chain, and Little Caesars' business model has shifted to focus more on carryout.[4]
Little Caesars was among the first to use a new kind of speed cooking conveyor oven, the "Rotary Air Impingement Oven" as described in U.S. Patent 5676044.
On November 1, 2010, Little Caesars introduced Pizza! Pizza! Pantastic, denying that the return of "Pizza! Pizza!" had any relationship to the recent success of Domino's, plus they deliver at some locations.[5] In 2013, Little Caesars brought back the "Pan Pan" concept, only now calling it "Deep Deep Dish". They also expanded the "Hot-N-Ready" line to include plain cheese pizzas, 3 Meat Treat pizzas, and a pepperoni Deep Deep Dish. The plain cheese is $5 while the other two are $8, and in 2014 Little Caesars introduced a Hot-N-Ready lunch combo consisting of half a pepperoni Deep Deep Dish and a twenty-ounce Pepsi product for $5.
On December 10, 2014, Little Caesars announced plans for a new 8-story, 205,000-square-foot Global Resource Center to be built at Woodward Avenue and Columbia Street in downtown Detroit. The new facility will double the size of Little Caesars World Headquarters Campus, currently located in the Fox Office Center building, which houses both the iconic Fox Theatre, and 186,000 square feet of office space for Little Caesars, and other Ilitch-affiliated ventures. The plans include a complete renovation of the 186,000 square foot Fox Office space into a modern, flexible, open and collaborative workspace. An overhead pedestrian bridge over Columbia Street will connect the Fox with the new Little Caesars Global Resource Center, and workspace for an additional 600 jobs to be brought to Detroit over time. Construction will begin in the spring of 2015 and is expected to be complete by the end of calendar 2016. [6] [7]
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Little Caesars® Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers REVIEW!


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Кадр из видео Little Caesars®  Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers Review!
Кадр из видео Little Caesars®  Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers Review!
Кадр из видео Little Caesars®  Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers Review!

Little Caesars® Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers Review!

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