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Link to full tool description.

Link to BendPak Site:

Ranger BL-5000 $1295.00

When Bendpak sent my 2 post lift, they also sent this BL-5000 to check out. It's a more affordable and practical solution for the home garage or small shop. This thing is AWESOME. Kinda makes me wish I had looked into one of these years ago. It really didn't take all that much to set it up. There was a small issue fastening the motor to the carrier, but that was solved by drilling 2 new holes into the assembly. I've notified Bendpak about this issue and they're looking into it. Honestly that was a very moderate modification and it only took a couple of minutes to rectify. That said, this is a great lift for the DIY or small shop. Or you can bring it to the track to do quick repairs between runs. It's very portable and easy to use. All you need is 110V to plug into and you're ready to go.

Yes, you did hear me correctly. I will be giving this lift away to 1 lucky winner at this years 4th annual 'Meet Up'. The winner will be randomly drawn at the event. You must be present to win. There is no cost to enter other than showing up. If you plan on attending, please sign up here. Details on location and time are also included at this link.

Camera: Brian Kast

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Фото с обложки Ranger Quickjack Bl 5000 Assembly And Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Ranger Quickjack Bl 5000 Assembly And Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Ranger Quickjack Bl 5000 Assembly And Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Ranger Quickjack Bl 5000 Assembly And Review -Ericthecarguy

Ranger Quickjack Bl 5000 Assembly And Review -Ericthecarguy

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