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Toyota’s next GT86 sports car will have KERS, but be less powerful (we’ll fill you in). Nissan’s next Juke R, the 2.0 version will be an expensive little beast, Alfa Romeo is working on some crossovers (of course they are), and BMW is going the QUAD-turbo diesel route, yes 4. Also, it’s Tuesday so you know somebody is going to end up Doing It Wrong! That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!

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New Toyota Gt86, Next Nissan Juke R, Bmw Quad Turbo Diesel - Fast Lane Daily

Фото с обложки New Toyota Gt86, Next Nissan Juke R, Bmw Quad Turbo Diesel - Fast Lane Daily

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Mash . 2 года назад
Nich El Rico
Nich El Rico . 2 года назад
Oh c'mon. 3rd generation GT86 with a 1.0 tri-turbo making 155 hp and making 0-60 in 10 seconds.
xBlackRaiderx . 2 года назад
If it has KERS that might mean no manual gearbox. RIP
James Cash
James Cash . 2 года назад
5:43 look at the window on the left!!!
Kaisuke971 . 2 года назад
Derek: twin turbos are two turbos that are somehow linked. If you have twin twin turbos, then you have two pairs of turbos working together, so 4 turbos (you seemed a bit confused and said it's just twin turbos). Triturbos are 3 turbos working alongside, like on the "M50d" cars (engine code N57B30S, the only one to have it).
So you mentioned Tri Twin Turbos, thinking you were just talking about 3 turbos but if you do the maths that's 6 turbos in the same engine bay !
What is not to mix are Twin Turbos, which are two turbos for the same engine, and twin scroll turbos, which are a different type of turbos which basically give the advantages of simple twin turbos (a little and a big one for less lag) in a single Turbo.
Luis L
Luis L . 2 года назад
I think toyota should stick with the FA20 and just slap on a small turbo on it. The FRS feels very quick with 250hp. 
acho . 2 года назад
FIRST!!!!!!!! Love the show :)
Joshua Bynum
Joshua Bynum . 2 года назад
#FLDQoftheD Come on Toyota, this is America. To go faster we don't remove horsepower, we add. You're not Porsche. You literally did the opposite of what everyone ,EVERYONE, who drove the car said.  Come on it seems like the only company doing anything right now is dodge. Too many crossovers, releasing ideas (Not a car, but an idea), removing horsepower, and not listening to the customers. Companies can't make what people want anymore because they don't listen to their own customers.
Adrian Huang
Adrian Huang . 2 года назад
The FRS is supposed to be a tuner platform. That KERS stuff is gonna make it difficult to tune.
Fat man from Kentucky
Fat man from Kentucky . 2 года назад
The only problem with the gt86 was its lack of power and they are putting in smaller engines?
N.C. . 2 года назад
Did anyone even buy the previous Juke R? That price is ridiculous.
Lolman240 . 2 года назад
From my understanding, the guy on the bike simply told the driver to put on his seat belt but the driver got pissed. The camera guy was just laughing at him which made the driver get out of the car to try and snatch the camera.
Clayton L
Clayton L . 2 года назад
Keep the gt86 primarily the same concept, maybe small power boost but still just gas powered no KERS and still have the 2 liter boxer. However I think that they should also have Subaru add an sti version with a turbo, scion/Toyota could do that with a trd model as well.
dgarage9 . 2 года назад
I agree. It should be 200 hp or more. Regardless of how light the new Miata is i think 155 is garbage from a modern 2.0 4 cylinder with high compression.
Danny Leon
Danny Leon . 2 года назад
Yo the 750 gettin that D ! 😂😂
lolololololololol513 . 2 года назад
I think the 1.5 liter turbo'd engine is a good thing for the fr-s/brz/gt-86. It'll have more torque and be much more tuneable for more it should be lighter with that engine(hopefully)
David Dobbs
David Dobbs . 2 года назад
Toyota is doing it wrong. The first gen frs was great! Everything on the car performed well though it had some dislike among a few because it seemed under powered . But its design called for a fun and affordable drive not just a fast one. I understand the 2nd gen will be lighter but extra power is getting easier to make for not much more cost. Its not to late to add a second engine option that doesn't make anything crazy ( a 2 liter turbo around 240-260 hp just as a suggestion) and this doesn't pull the car out of its intended market or design in my eyes. But it does improve on the only complaint I've heard about this car. Great show FLD looking forward to the Pirelli vid.
Melvin Gitierrez Jr
Melvin Gitierrez Jr . 2 года назад
#FLDqofthed I think Toyota will be taking a step backwards since buyers have been asking for more power ever since it debuted. 187 is just not enough for a "sports car" even if it is lighter.
Charlotte Gibson
Charlotte Gibson . 2 года назад
It looks like. It's astounding high-pitched shelf What do you think? 11
Roger Toledo
Roger Toledo . 2 года назад
No, because the last thing the frs/gt86 enthusiasts asked for was less power
whatsforsupa . 2 года назад
So I could buy 3 Nismo GT-Rs for the price of one Juke-R.....Say no more fam Juke-R it is
superextremelaser . 2 года назад
thats everyone's complaint about the FRS is that it had too much power. im so glad they are finally listening to us. thanks toybaru!
JDMricist . 2 года назад
Sooooooooooo.....what ended up being that yellow car in the last episode?
nyc0053 . 2 года назад
He deserves every nick and scrape from his utter demise.
Joe Morello
Joe Morello . 2 года назад
Cool show as always! 🇨🇦😊
jumbowana . 2 года назад
Every car review I have ever seen on the GT-86 has said that it was great, but it needs more power.  So they decided to give it less?
SpacemonkeySTI . 2 года назад
what fell from the sky @5:42 left frame
Vince Fernandez
Vince Fernandez . 2 года назад
"Twin - Twin" turbos = "quad" turbos!
Because twin turbos means TWO turbos. So twin two turbos adds up to FOUR turbos ...or QUAD turbos, if you will.
Jeff Zahnd
Jeff Zahnd . 2 года назад
I think this guy should take john stewarts spot on the daily show.
Dark Stryker
Dark Stryker . 2 года назад
tomelliott9 . 2 года назад
The GT86's one single downfall is it's power. Looks good, handles good, affordable, just lacking power. To then drop that power down is redic.
steve . 2 года назад
there used to be a time where 150hp was a lot for a sportscar and met the needs of people wanting to daily there ride.  These days 80% of cars at the traffic lights have that much power and more and are set up to be punchy off the mark not up top.   If you're spending 40000 on a sportscar, likelihood is you're shopping for something that can be a daily also.
gt86 is a sportcar, but the only thing stopping it from being a great daily is its lack of mid range punch.  it need's the power of a small turbo but with the top end of a high strung NA.   in other words it needs a hybrid, but that adds weight.  can't wait for batteries to get smaller
1320 Challenge
1320 Challenge . 2 года назад
what happened to toyobru? i dont understand how toyota or subaru would breach the contract.
Marc Nobel
Marc Nobel . 2 года назад
This power is way enough to have fun. I guess 90% of the drivers would be pleased to handle 100-150 hp at the limit. My friend teached RS4 drivers on the Nürburgring with his tuned Smart and he needed to slow down and wait. The driving skills make the fun and for that this amount of power is total enough.
aa240sx . 2 года назад
#FLDQoftheD - sorry, but 500K for a limited run of 17 Juke R's using a GTR engine that costs around 120K, WTF? No sense, sorry, no sense at all.