Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

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Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures
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Jaguar and Land Rover are two iconic automotive brands with rich heritages. They also have rocky histories of being passed between owners, with BMW owning Land Rover and Ford owning Jaguar in the 1980s. On the verge of bankruptcy, Tata Motors bought the two British sister brands in 2008 and turned them into money makers. Unfortunately, things are getting gloomy for Jaguar and Land Rover once again.
This was a risky move for Tata, which bought two luxury brands with reputations for unreliability on the cusp of the financial crisis. In the following years, Tata was able to turn the brands into moneymakers with models like the Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Defender, and Jaguar XF.
Just as Jaguar and Land Rover found their footing they're again in trouble due to a drastically shrinking market in China and trouble in Europe. In turn, Tata Motor's credit rating has also taken a hit. Will Tata be able to turn around Jaguar and Land Rover or will it cut its losses?
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Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

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Фото с обложки: Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures
Кадр из видео Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures
Кадр из видео Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures
Кадр из видео Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures, Cnbc


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