How Does A Torque Converter Work?
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In this video I cover the purpose and operation of the turbine, stator, impeller, and torque converter clutch. I hope the explanation and practical give you some insight into how these parts work to not only transfer power from the engine to the transmission, but also how it drives the transmission pump and doubles the torque output of the engine when you take off from a dead stop. I've wanted to make this video for some time. In fact I've had the fans sitting in the back of the shop for almost a year. Now that I have the Automatic Transmission Dissection video under my belt I thought I would add a torque converter dissection into the mix. I hope you enjoy this video and that it gets you a better understanding of torque converter operation. Especially since I killed my air compressor cutting this one in half.

Link to compressor repair video:

Yes this is indeed 'take 2' of this video. I changed a few things to make the information more accurate. I am going to be posting the old video for Premium Members at just for fun. Here's a link to more information about becoming a Premium Member.

Other useful links

Automatic Transmission Dissection (Part 1):

Automatic Transmission Dissection (Part 2):

Discussion about this video:

Why I Pulled the first video:

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Фото с обложки How Does A Torque Converter Work?
Кадр из видео How Does A Torque Converter Work?
Кадр из видео How Does A Torque Converter Work?
Кадр из видео How Does A Torque Converter Work?

How Does A Torque Converter Work?

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