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Does cycling cause erectile dysfunction, penile numbness and prostate cancer in males?

Si recently met up with expert urologist Anthony Koupparis to discuss the impact of cycling on men's sexual health.

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Does cycling cause erectile dysfunction in males? Is getting a numb penis while cycling a bad thing? And, can cycling lead to an increased risk of getting prostate cancer? In this video, Si put these questions to leading urologist Anthony Koupparis, who gave some very interesting answers around the subject. The video gives mostly good news (we can all let out a sigh of relief) but also highlights some instances where further medical attention would definitely be advised. We hope you can all learn a lot from this video and continue to enjoy riding your bikes.

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Фото с обложки Is Cycling Bad For Men'S Sexual Health? Gcn Talks Bo***Cks
Кадр из видео Is Cycling Bad For Men'S Sexual Health? Gcn Talks Bo***Cks
Кадр из видео Is Cycling Bad For Men'S Sexual Health? Gcn Talks Bo***Cks
Кадр из видео Is Cycling Bad For Men'S Sexual Health? Gcn Talks Bo***Cks

Is Cycling Bad For Men'S Sexual Health? Gcn Talks Bo***Cks

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