The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout
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Four moves and eight minutes is all you need to complete this awesome ab workout! These four exercises can be done with modifications to make them as easy or as difficult as needed. Make sure to take time, and focus on form. These exercises aren't about how quick you do them, but how well you do them.

Do the four exercises listed below for 45 seconds each with 15 seconds rest in between. Then repeat the four exercises for round two.

1) Classic Crunch
2) Plank
3) Cross Crunch
4) Rope Climbs

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If planks are more your thing, try this 3-Minute Perfect Plank Workout:

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Фото с обложки The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout
Кадр из видео The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout
Кадр из видео The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout
Кадр из видео The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout

The Eight Minute At Home Abs Workout

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