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In Episode 1, Becky’s enormous journey starts at Goodwood Festival of Speed where pro drifters Mad Mike and James Deane lead her to Garage D, one of the main hubs of the UK drifting scene, who she hopes will put her on the right track.

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Follow petrol head Becky Evans (aka Queen B) as she embarks on a journey of discovery into the world of drifting going from complete beginner to competition ready. Taking guidance from some of the biggest names in the sport, Drift Queen documents how Becky buys and builds her own drift car, taking her across the world, with the view of eventually competing in the sport.

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Фото с обложки "My Biggest Challenge Yet" | Drift Queen
Кадр из видео "My Biggest Challenge Yet" | Drift Queen
Кадр из видео "My Biggest Challenge Yet" | Drift Queen
Кадр из видео "My Biggest Challenge Yet" | Drift Queen

"My Biggest Challenge Yet" | Drift Queen

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