Wolverine Vs. Thursday Boot Company - Whose Boot Is Better?

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Wolverine Vs. Thursday Boot Company - Whose Boot Is Better?
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I get a lot of requests to compare these two boots, and it’s a great match up because it’s comparing one of the oldest American boot brands (Wolverine was founded in 1883) to one of the newest (Thursday Boot Company was launched in 2014).
I’ve worn both of these boots for months and they both have their pros and cons.
FULL REVIEW + PICTURES: https://stridewise.com/wolverine-vs-thursday-boots/
The 1000 Mile has gone with Chromexcel, the world famous combination tanned leather from Chicago’s Horween Leather Company. Beloved for its rich depth of color, it’s made by hot stuffing the leather with oils and waxes (including food grade beef tallow) during the 28-day production process.
The 1000 Mile has 2mm-thick leather and it aged really badly. That’s not to say Chromexcel itself is bad — Viberg and Alden use fantastic leather — rather that Wolverine doesn’t appear to have the best leather selection processes. There was a lot of loose grain and creasing in just the first week of wearing them. You might be able to remedy this issue by buying them in store.
** SEE VIBERG VS ALDEN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnH0qh6U8Ys **
Thursday went ahead and devised their own leather with Le Farc tannery called Thursday Chrome, which has a lot of similarities with Chromexcel. It’s also a moist, combination-tanned leather that’s thinner than Wolverine (1.8mm) but thicker than a lot of dress boots (which are often 1mm).
It’s a little “chromier” in appearance, appearing shinier in sunlight and reflecting hints of burgundy with the darker brown. I didn’t have any quality control issues here: the color was consistent, there was no loose grain, and it didn’t scratch as easily.
Leather outsoles have plenty of pros: they’re relatively soft, they have good groundfeel, they sound great, they’re classic looking. But they get ugly and scratched really quickly and the grip is atrocious. Not a big fan, especially for something that’s considered a work boot.
After that there’s a cork midsole and a leather insole, but there’s no shank so there’s not much stability. There’s also no lining. The cork midsole and leather insole mold to the shape of the foot over time and feel more “me” as they age, which is nice.
*** SEE WOLVERINE VS RED WING HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYvcLK864n8 ***
The outsole is a studded rubber that’s pretty similar to Dainite: a great balance of durability, flexibility, softness, and grip. The grip is miles ahead of the Wolverine; the Captain is a clear winner there.
Then there’s also a cork midsole and a leather insole, but with a few differences: there is a steel shank here and there’s also a Dura EVA comfort sole, tech that’s often used in running shoes but seldom in boots. This makes for a slightly springier insole and when combined with the full glove leather lining, I’d say it’s more comfy.
Available from sizes 6 to 14 and in widths D and EEE.
** WATCH THE THURSDAY BOOT COMPANY’S REVIEW HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLCi8dk7sgg
Available from sizes 6 to 15 and in widths “standard” and “wide.” Both shoes should be ordered a half size down from your sneaker size; I’m an 11 in both.
About $360 on their official site, though on Amazon I’ve seen them dip to $320.
You won’t find them cheaper than $199, which is an insane steal.
** SEE THE FULL WOLVERINE REVIEW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAmSrCuX-tA
The 1000 Mile has thicker leather and is a bit more outdoorsy, but the Captain is way more versatile, more comfortable, and much cheaper. Which one works for you depends on your goals and your lifestyle but given how crappy the leather and sole look on my Wolverines, I have to say I’m happier with my purchase of the Captains.


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Кадр из видео Wolverine Vs. Thursday Boot Company - Whose Boot Is Better?
Кадр из видео Wolverine Vs. Thursday Boot Company - Whose Boot Is Better?
Кадр из видео Wolverine Vs. Thursday Boot Company - Whose Boot Is Better?

Wolverine Vs. Thursday Boot Company - Whose Boot Is Better?

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