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LET'S start with some unexpected and smart uses for the toilet rolls. You can use it as a kitchen knife case to protect your hands. Or you can make super cute toys and yarn pom poms. You can also organize the eggplant sprouts in your garden.

And if you need to get rid of the hanger marks on your pants guess what's gonna come in handy again?

And if you fold a toilet roll into heart-shaped form you can make the cutest prints on the fabric bag, using acrylic paint. Or make colorful flowers or nice owls. Another idea - super handy makeup organizer where you can keep your rouge brushes, mascara and other stuff.

Old broken things deserve a second life! So I highly recommend to watch these brilliant easy ways to restore damaged things!
If your beautiful silver ring starts to get rusty just pour some Cola into a pan. Let it boil. Then put your ring into the boiling water and rest there for a couple of minutes.

This time I've prepared some ingenious ideas for cans and bottles for you to try! They're so incredibly fun, creative and entertaining!
Learn how to make Wi-Fi signal booster, make cookie cutters from soda cans, reuse plastic bottles, cool gift wrapping ideas, make fantastic bubble machine and telescope! : )

One of my favorite hacks with plastic bottle - home slippers! You should definitely give it a try!

Plastic bottles are also great for making orange fresh or use it to apply buttercream or cake frosting!

Or you can make cute lamp from plastic bottles! It's up to you! :)


6:05 Hanger marks?
8:42 Coffee scrub
10:48 Brand new wallet

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Фото с обложки 20 Cheap But Brilliant Easy-To-Make Items
Кадр из видео 20 Cheap But Brilliant Easy-To-Make Items
Кадр из видео 20 Cheap But Brilliant Easy-To-Make Items
Кадр из видео 20 Cheap But Brilliant Easy-To-Make Items

20 Cheap But Brilliant Easy-To-Make Items

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