2019 Bmw 3 Series G20 ► Features & Assistance Systems

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2019 Bmw 3 Series G20 ► Features & Assistance Systems
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0:03 BMW digital key
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4:18 Intelligent personal assistant

BMW Digital Key: turning the smartphone into a car key.
Available as part of the Comfort Access option, the BMW Digital Key employs Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow the new BMW 3 Series Sedan to be locked and unlocked from a smartphone, removing the need for a conventional car key. Holding the smartphone up to the door handle opens the car. Once inside, the engine can be started as soon as the phone has been placed in the wireless charging or smartphone tray. Accessible via BMW Connected, the Digital Key offers unrivalled flexibility, as the driver can share it with up to five other people. The BMW Digital Key is available for all NFC- capable Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.0 and above. Alternatively, customers can use the BMW Key Card. This sophisticated option also features NFC technology and so offers the same functionality as a suitable equipped smartphone.

Reversing Assistant, which helps the driver to exit parking spots or manoeuvre when space is limited. This system is the only one of its kind in the
new BMW 3 Series Sedan’s segment and represents another step towards automated driving. The Reversing Assistant offers the highly convenient option of automated reversing in confined spaces or situations where the driver does not have a clear view, such as multi-storey car parks or entrances to courtyards. To do this, it stores the steering movements for any section the car has just driven forward along at no more than 36 km/h (22 mph). The system is then able to reverse the vehicle for distances of up to 50 metres by steering it along exactly the same line it has just taken when moving forward, while all the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedals and monitor the area around the car. The Reversing Assistant can back the car up at a maximum 9 km/h (5.5 mph).

Making its debut in the new BMW 3 Series Sedan is the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, an intelligent, digital character that responds to the prompt “Hey BMW”. The BMW Group is set to revolutionise driving pleasure with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and, in so doing, enter a new era in which drivers will increasingly be able to operate their car and access its functions and information simply by speaking. The range of functions and skills available will be constantly expanded as part of regular updates, which can be carried out seamlessly on a smartphone and in-car by Remote Software Upgrade.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns routines and habits, and is subsequently able to apply them in the appropriate context. He helps the driver, learns their preferences and is familiar with their favoured settings – e.g. for the seat heating or the places they drive to frequently using the navigation system (“Take me home”). One unique feature over other digital assistants is that drivers can give him a name (for example, “Hey Charlie”) to lend even greater individuality and personality. The Intelligent Personal Assistant awaits the driver’s every command, is always there to assist them and even provides casual conversation. He is familiar with the vehicle’s functions and is able to operate them as required. Saying “Hey BMW, I’m cold” will prompt the
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to adjust the temperature inside the car accordingly. The assistant will benefit from constant technical upgrades and be able to learn more and more preferences and favoured settings. The assistant takes further strides forward with every command given, every question asked and every setting selected.

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Кадр из видео 2019 Bmw 3 Series G20 ► Features & Assistance Systems
Кадр из видео 2019 Bmw 3 Series G20 ► Features & Assistance Systems
Кадр из видео 2019 Bmw 3 Series G20 ► Features & Assistance Systems

2019 Bmw 3 Series G20 ► Features & Assistance Systems

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