Bikepacking Chile: The Way To The Moon (See The World 31)

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Bikepacking Chile: The Way To The Moon (See The World 31)
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This is Episode 31 of Bikepacking from Alaska to Argentina and around the world. Picks up right out of Santiago, Chile trying to follow The Greater Patagonia Trail. Probably a lot more walking than normal but at the same time, this has been one of the most amazing experiences. Reaching remote valleys where the Arrieros roam and run animals, where the condors fly so close to you that you could talk to them and where the volcanoes have shaped some of the most challenging and impressive mountains, valleys and lunar landscapes. #bikepacking #chile #aroundtheworldbybike
EN | CC/subtitles: This video is close captioned for English (narration and everything)
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The bike, gear, cameras, drone, etc. + reviews at:
The Video Project and my goal to see the world and make videos:
more info, blog/journal entries, story so far, etc. at:
Additional Footage (FPV drone and few photos) by Matt @ Chile Vuela (on youtube):
Big thank you to the Patreon Supporters for helping me to continue doing what I love and making videos about it (which I also love). All 270+ of you who have never met me (and the 7 that have actually met me)!!!
If you would like to support the ride & video project monthly, you can find more info here:
Or one time via Paypal:
also thanks to my sponsors who have either sent me free gear or offered a discount:
Elevation Wheel Company (Chris Murray, after 4 years has finally moved onto full-time wheelbuilder and he is always helping me with bike-related stuff and building my last set of wheels)
Fatback Bikes (Fuzzy & Cameron for the support and currently setting up a new build for Europe and beyond)
BarYak (Tina & Joe for being generally awesome bikers and sending over various things to test and try to brake)
Victor from Dorel Sports chile for hooking me up with a set of new Maxxis 4.8 tires and the guys at the guys at Intercycles Santiago for helping me set up tubeless
not to mention all the nice people i have met on the way!
MUSIC (contentID/youtube, they just play ads on my video)
many of these songs are long and recent favorites, some backstory on them too! (in brackets)
00:00:35 Lights and Motion - Perfect Symetry
00:04:50 Inti Illimani - La Exiliiada De Sur
00:10:50 Mandolin Orange - Hey Stranger
00:15:40 Johnny Cash - Ain't no grave (Matt's favorite Johnny Cash song)
00:20:30 Alexi Murdoch - Breathe (someone suggested him via instagram, i had this somewhere on my phone)
00:25:50 Gregory Alan Isakov (&Colorado Symphony) - The Stable Song (loved it from the moment I heard it on Ride The Divide, add the Symphony and its like WOOOW... )
00:32:20 Inti Illimani - La Partida
00:41:40 The Pines - All The While (one of Sylvain's songs he played while we biked in the middle of nowhere, EP30.)
00:46:30 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man (really had this stuck in my head for a long time, absolutely accidental I got it at the right spot, I didnt see how well (or maybe not too well) it fit until after)
00:52:40 Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters (warmshowers host from 2013 biking toronto to halifax recommended Apocalyptica!)
00:57:40 David Bowie - Space Oddity (from Carol and Bob, tandem cycling across USA!)
*Jorge and Luis I also asked for being on youtube and they were ok, probably should have included that, it was a funny segment... They were telling me to get 7 dried trouts from their camp but i took one.
*Diego is the guy riding a horse at the camp, he was actually a hiker (the bosses only fly in with helicopter). Digeo on the other hand is likely the first man on Mars now with the horse with gasses...
*Finding 6 gps codes and adding them to find the password is not the only way to get the Greater Patagonia Trail, the creator also gives you the password if you sign a document and scan it to him.
*Not a lot of distance covered in this video, likely the shortest of a SEE THE WORLD episode (a rough estimate: 400ish KM)
*The Mavic Air gimbal seems to work if I blow on it (maybe its dust) but cleaning with compressed air didnt work and sometimes i still need to land it few times per shoot session to fix that.
*As how things worked out, i passed the hotspring where the sick dog was a month later, he wasnt there so he likely survived and walked out... or the condors got him
*the short section leading to the final pass although only short airtime was a gruelling 6 hour walk in the sand up and down with stops every 15-20 minutes to get the rocks out of my shoes.


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Кадр из видео Bikepacking Chile: The Way To The Moon (See The World 31)
Кадр из видео Bikepacking Chile: The Way To The Moon (See The World 31)

Bikepacking Chile: The Way To The Moon (See The World 31)

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