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This video showcases some fights where Mixed martial artists don't have the words "give up" in their vocabulary.

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-K-1 Dynamite Shinya Aoki vs Mizuto Hirota 2009 ARM BREAK
Meisha Tate vs Holly Holm Rear naked choke
renzo gracie vs kazushi sakuraba
2 other unknowns.

Lets look at a more recent fight in MMA, Holly Holm vs. Meisha Tate. Meisha Tate is credited as one of the pioneer's of Womans MMA. Her first bout took place back on March 2006. Holly Holm started in the sport of MMA a bit later. Before MMA, she was a very accomplished Professional boxer with a record of 32 wins and 2 losses. Holly became a super star over night after kicking
Ronda Rousey's head into another solar system. Unfortunanetly for Holly, her title reign was short lived. However, She wasn't willing to give up her dream so quickly, so instead, she decided to dream on.

This took place during the 5th round. If you remember the fight well enough, Holly was actually dominating the entire fight and Tate's only chance to win at this point was to somehow get the finish. Tate is able to get Holm's back and starts working a rear naked choke, squeezing as if her life is dependant on it. Holly ends up going to sleep while throwing punches at the air!

This last clip took place during Pride 10 - Return of the Warriors. All the way back on August 27, 2000, at The Seibu Dome in Saitama Japan. This Legendary MMA fight was between Sackuraba Kaz ushi and henzo Gracie. Being a Gracie and being submitted isn't something that you would expect from an MMA fight. As most people know, the Gracie family are the ones who invented brazilian jiu jitsyou, there for you
would expect them to always be the dominant ones when it comes to the grappling side of MMA. Well, in this fight henzo technically never submitted, but that doesn't mean that Sackuraba didn't get the best of this grappling exchange.

Looks like Henzo decided to tap out after all! ha ha, more like, "yeah, you just fucked my arm up, thanks!"

He does give credit to Sackuraba at the end.

Want to see a part two? let me know by leaving a comment or by giving this video a thumbs up! Thanks for checking out the video, subscribe for more MMA content!


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Фото с обложки Mma Broken Arm! Nasty Breaks & Fighters That Don'T Tap Out!
Кадр из видео Mma Broken Arm! Nasty Breaks & Fighters That Don'T Tap Out!
Кадр из видео Mma Broken Arm! Nasty Breaks & Fighters That Don'T Tap Out!
Кадр из видео Mma Broken Arm! Nasty Breaks & Fighters That Don'T Tap Out!

Mma Broken Arm! Nasty Breaks & Fighters That Don'T Tap Out!

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