2020 Bmw 745Le Xdrive | Only Needs 2.3 L/100 Km | Aircar

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2020 Bmw 745Le Xdrive | Only Needs 2.3 L/100 Km | Aircar
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In-line 6-cylinder petrol engine and further advanced high-voltage battery for the new BMW 745Le xDrive – system output increased to up to 290 kW/394 hp in SPORT mode – purely electrically powered, locally emissions-free driving now possible with a range increased to as much as 58 kilometres* – market launch along with other models of the new BMW 7 Series in spring 2019.
The electric motor of the plug-in hybrid models is integrated in the 8-speed Steptronic transmission. In braking and coasting phases it acts as a generator, feeding energy into the high-voltage battery by means of recuperation. The lithium-ion battery also serves to power the on-board network. In addition, it energy can be used to run the standard auxiliary air conditioning system. The high-voltage battery is positioned underneath the rear seats, while the 46-litre fuel tank is located above the rear axle. This means that the luggage compartment volume of the plug-in hybrid models is only slightly restricted. What is more, the luggage volume of 420 litres can be expanded as needed by means of the standard 40 : 20 : 40 split and fold function offered by the rear backrests.
The vehicle set-up and operating mode of the drive system can be selected at the press of a button using a joint control panel in the central console. Here, the driving experience switch offers the modes SPORT for a particularly dynamic set-up and ADAPTIVE for a set-up that is geared towards the relevant driving style and situation, as well as the three operating modes HYBRID, ELECTRIC and BATTERY CONTROL. HYBRID mode serves as the standard setting that activates a balanced set-up and optimised interaction between the combustion engine and electric motor. By pressing the HYBRID button twice, this operating mode is activated in an efficiency-optimised version (HYBRID ECO PRO). Driving with a reduced fuel consumption is supported in this mode. The coasting function is one of the factors that contributes to this effect. Here, the electrical boost is only available for kick-down manoeuvres. It also possible to select ELECTRIC mode as the standard setting via the iDrive menu. This mode is for purely electrically powered driving. A distinctive sound created especially for electrified BMW models is used for acoustic pedestrian protection, emitted via a speaker system. The sound design in the low speed range radiates a vibrant acoustic presence though without impairing the acoustic comfort of vehicle occupants.
In SPORT mode, the electric motor is not used on its own but solely in support of the combustion engine. The BATTERY CONTROL setting serves to keep the charge state of the high-voltage battery at a level determined by the driver. When driving on a motorway for example, the power reserves can be saved or even increased to be used later for locally emissions-free driving in town, for example.
The selected operating mode is displayed as part of the new design of the instrument panel, easily and clearly identified by means of the relevant colour. Electric driving continues to be easily recognisable by means of areas marked in blue in the speedometer as well as on the output display/power meter. This also clearly displays the add-on start limits for the combustion engine and the output and speed limits that apply to electrically powered driving. When charging the high-voltage battery, the driver can see all the relevant information in the instrument panel such as charge level and duration, charging current, currently available electrical range and the next departure time selected, as well as the chosen conditioning level. This information can also be clearly seen outside the vehicle.
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Кадр из видео 2020 Bmw 745Le Xdrive | Only Needs 2.3 L/100 Km | Aircar
Кадр из видео 2020 Bmw 745Le Xdrive | Only Needs 2.3 L/100 Km | Aircar
Кадр из видео 2020 Bmw 745Le Xdrive | Only Needs 2.3 L/100 Km | Aircar

2020 Bmw 745Le Xdrive | Only Needs 2.3 L/100 Km | Aircar

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