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The Honda Civic Si, new for this year, slots in between the Civic Sport, which we tested in 2017, and the track-ready Type R, which we drove at Road Atlanta. With 205 HP (easily tunable for more) from the 1.5T engine and a starting price of just $24,000, the Si could be a winner.

Check out the Civic Sport Here:
And the Type R Review here:

I screwed up on when the first Civic Si hit America. I knew the CRX Si came to us in 1985, but was lookin for the first date we got a coupe or sedan, and I missed a line mentioning the Si went on a hatch in 1986. 4th repeats 3rd, where we got the CRX Si first, then a hatch Si 1 year later. I’m a dumb.- ZK


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The (2018 Honda Civic) Si For The Masses? - One Take

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