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GREAT FARM has China's top technical team in the selection of sheep farms, design planning, equipment selection, and management of sheep farms. The design concept is a global leader, considering the scientific community feeding management and disease control system of sheep farming. We choose the products with high technological content on the equipment type selection, pasture scientific management and to provide a full range of management. Making the ranch management digitization, refinement and the design of pasture can achieve a green ecological environment, can be created for farms to maximize efficiency and reduce labor costs, reduce feed costs and reduce farm pollution to the environment, by creating a truly ecological, modern sheep farm.
The project covers an area of 19 hectares, mainly including: sheep's houses and some auxiliary facilities. We builded 54 new sheep houses,the construction area of about 60,000 square meters and auxiliary space of about 500 square meters;
The project is a unified fattening of sheep and sheep's manure collected and transported to the organic fertilizer factory affiliated to the parent company as one of the raw materials for organic fertilizer production. The feed required for the sheep is provided by the forage factory under the parent company.
The main equipment required for the project are sheep bed, drinking system, lamb heating equipment, lighting system, feeding equipment and so on.
Auxiliary equipment are including computer, disinfection equipment, artificial insemination equipment, veterinary B-ultrasound, monitoring equipment.the market prospects are good.

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Address: Modern agricultural research&development base of Henan Province,China.

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Фото с обложки Great Farm "Sheep Farming" Projects
Кадр из видео Great Farm "Sheep Farming" Projects
Кадр из видео Great Farm "Sheep Farming" Projects
Кадр из видео Great Farm "Sheep Farming" Projects

Great Farm "Sheep Farming" Projects

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