2020 Bmw Lineup And Concepts
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The company is expanding its global commitment at international motorshows as well as tech and future-topic shows with an independent and periodic individual mobility format “made by BMW Group”. Apart from world premieres of new models, the focus will above all be on the latest state of technological developments from all D+ACES levels of the company: Design, Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification, Services.

Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of BMW AG, states: “We clearly defined our claim and the path we will take with Strategy Numer ONE NEXT in 2016 already. Our product initiative and our investment into the D+ACES topic of the future are proof of this. With #NEXTGen we are also treading new communication paths with the focus on conducting a dialogue about individual mobility topics. We want to shape the future together and provide solutions.”

The BMW Group #NEXTGen event 2019 will provide insights into:
The current state of development of automated driving with the aid of two active-driving demonstrations
Smart solutions for inner-city e-mobility
The technology transfer from Formula E racing to the next generation of our electric drive
The bundling of innovative mobility services
The creative expertise of the BMW Group subsidiaries BMW i Ventures and Designworks.
There will also be six world premieres of new BMW series production models at #NEXTGen: the new BMW 1 Series, the updated BMW X1, the new BMW 3 Series Touring and the latest representatives of the BMW luxury initiative, the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé and the BMW M8 Convertible and Coupé.

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Кадр из видео 2020 Bmw Lineup And Concepts
Кадр из видео 2020 Bmw Lineup And Concepts
Кадр из видео 2020 Bmw Lineup And Concepts

2020 Bmw Lineup And Concepts

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