Emirates First Dubai Bali

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Emirates First Dubai Bali
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Hello, flight lovers! Today we will share with you one more unforgettable First Class experience with Emirates! The most popular First CLass Flight on route from Dubai (OAE) to Bali (Indonesia) is ready for watching!
Today’s flight starts in Dubai International Airport (DXB) and its final destination gonna be Ngurah Rai on Bali (Denpasar).
Our adventure began even a few hours before the flight in Emirates First Class Lounge in its hub airport. This lounge impressed us by its space and the number of conveniences offered to passengers. We had a great pre-dinner before the flight, refreshed in shower and took a cup of Arabic coffee before boarding.
Entering the aircraft of Boeing 777-300, cabin crew welcomed us with Dom Perignon champagne, offering coffee with dates, newspapers, pyjamas, personal cosmetic bags and menu for the meal time. We were so involved in the whole welcome process that didn’t notice, how fast the time passed and we were ready for take off. Later we had an amazing dinner, changed pyjamas and were ready for sleep, enjoying «starry sky» above our heads, falling asleep on comfortable fully flat beds with automatic massage function.
We met morning sunshine with fresh coffee, incredible window view and later enjoyed one more great view on airport runaway from our villa!
Dubai, OAE (DXB) - Bali/Denpasar, Indonesia (DPS)
Flight number: EK450
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300
Departure: 2:00 am (local time)
Arrival 2:50 pm (local time)
Duration: 8h 50min

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Кадр из видео Emirates First Dubai Bali
Кадр из видео Emirates First Dubai Bali
Кадр из видео Emirates First Dubai Bali

Emirates First Dubai Bali

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