What Does Clocking A Turbo Mean?
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You may be familiar with the term, but not necessarily the process. This video not only shows what clocking a turbo means, it also shows how to do it.

It's a simple process really, but it is critical to the longevity of your turbo. If you skip this step, damage to the turbo can result.

I strongly recommend you wait to perform this procedure after you've got the engine mounted in the vehicle. That way you're sure to have it positioned correctly.

No matter what, I hope you enjoy the video. Good luck!

Additional info links

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Кадр из видео What Does Clocking A Turbo Mean?
Кадр из видео What Does Clocking A Turbo Mean?
Кадр из видео What Does Clocking A Turbo Mean?

What Does Clocking A Turbo Mean?

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