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Removing Broken Fasteners -Ericthecarguy
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I think this has been one of the most requested videos ever. I think if you spend any time at all repairing vehicles, you will eventually run into this problem. There are many different ways of dealing with it and I cover most of those in this video. The focus however, is on drilling and tapping out the broken fastener. Yes, there are other methods that are not demonstrated in this video, and I may make videos specifically on those methods at some point in the future. One method I forgot to mention was welding something onto the broken fastener so that you could turn it out. I meant to mention that, but forgot. For now, I think this will help you if you find yourself dealing with a broken fastener. I wish you luck no matter what method you choose.
Another option mentioned in the comments is left handed drill bits. They also have these with a special remover built into the bit. This is something I haven't used in the past and I don't currently own a set, but many have stated that it is another option for removing broken fasteners. There's a link below to these tools.
Lots of links for you with this one.
Using a Torch:
This is where the engine cam from:
Angle Drill (pneumatic):
Angle Drill (electric):
Left Handed Drill Bits:
Screw Extractor Set:
Broken Spark Plug Remover:
Bolt gauge:
Tap and Die Set:
Tap sockets:
Center punch:
Drill Bits:
Drill bit sharpener:
Punch set:
Vice Grips:
Safety glasses:
Easy outs:
Easy out drill bits:
Discussion about this video:
The best place for answers to your automotive questions:
Information on Premium Membership:
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Кадр из видео Removing Broken Fasteners -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Removing Broken Fasteners -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Removing Broken Fasteners -Ericthecarguy

Removing Broken Fasteners -Ericthecarguy

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