I Trained Every Day For 4 Years (No Rest Days).... The Truth About Overtraining
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I trained EVERY DAY for 4 YEARS with NO REST DAYS | I haven’t taken a REST DAY from the gym for 4 YEARS | OVERTRAINING EXPLAINED #workout #restday #overtraining Correct, I have worked out in the gym every day for 4 years as of September 11th and this goes for all holidays, snow days etc. regardless of the occasion I got a workout done in a gym, lifting weights to stay true to this no rest day streak.

For those unaware, 4 years ago (September 11th) I randomly tracked my first rest day in an app which counts up from the date you set it at. Why I do not know but I though it it would help me stay accountable to taking my required rest days after my crash (explained in the article on my site). This however was far from the case and from then onwards, I have trained in the gym every day with no rest days with it unknowingly counting up every day to where it literally became a “thing”.

After a few months of not taking a rest day I was sure I would have experienced some degree of overtraining however oddly enough, I felt fine. Therefore, as a part of this video, I have thus gone and written a whole entire blog on my website about my story behind the streak and all the science to do with overtraining i.e. overtraining explained 101 and how I structure my workout and training sessions to allow me to train every day for 4 years without burning out.


Anyway, 1 month of no rest day from the gym turned into 2 months of no rest days from the gym to where I am now today not having taken a rest day from the gym in 4 years. Do I advocate you don’t take a rest day from the gym for 4 years? NO & you know if you are a client of mine that I usually hate programming anything more than 5-6 workouts per week for you as THIS is how you make progress i.e by taking your rest days & allowing yourself to adapt & recover from the stresses you place on yourself in the gym during your workout. I on the other hand have a tendency not to practice what I preach and, as a result of having quite a sedentary (and stressful) life, have found my own “way” to still be able to workout every day to get my “kick” while avoiding complete overtraining. How, all is explained in the blog post.


Anyway, although it was an unplanned video, with the craziness of the nelk boys & Bradley Martyn showing up in the gym, it was a given that I was going to record. That alongside getting the friendly reminder in the app of the 4 year “anniversary” of this no rest day streak and I just HAD to “celebrate” with a vid which is actually one of my most frequently asked questions i.e. my “why” behind not taking rest days from the gym and how I do It without overtraining and my funny stories along the way during holidays. I think it came out great and made for a whopper flashback true potato vlog so let me know what you think.

Just from the recent full day of eating and raw vlogs. a lot of you have said that you like these more raw full day of eating vlogs so hopefully this one is to your liking as well. I know it’s not a full cheat day or that it’s not overly focused on food but I did still try to implement a full IIFYM full day of eating within it and turn it into a workout and diet vlog along the way so as always, sit back relax and enjoy watching me take you through my 4 years of not taking a rest day from the gym, showing you what I eat in a day in a day, my workouts etc. along with a tonne of funny stories about how I’ve managed to keep this no rest day streak up for 4 years.



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DISCLAIMER - I (Scott Murray) am not a doctor or medical professional thus any dietary/training advice given in the video is based purely on scientific research/anecdotal evidence. Please consult with a doctor and/or an equally qualified Health Care Professional prior to starting any diet/training program and/or using any of the information given in the video. I (Scott Murray), do not assume liability for any actions/side effects/illness/injury/economic loss and/or death from any nutritional/training advice given in the video.


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Кадр из видео I Trained Every Day For 4 Years (No Rest Days).... The Truth About Overtraining
Кадр из видео I Trained Every Day For 4 Years (No Rest Days).... The Truth About Overtraining
Кадр из видео I Trained Every Day For 4 Years (No Rest Days).... The Truth About Overtraining

I Trained Every Day For 4 Years (No Rest Days).... The Truth About Overtraining

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