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This video is NOT meant to be an endorsement of altering the headlights in your vehicle. It's just meant to be a comparison between the Halogen, HID, and LED bulbs that are available now.

That said, I did feel like I got some surprising results from my testing as you'll see in the video.

All tests were done using a 2004 Honda Element with Halogen headlight housings. The distances were constant as we kept the vehicle in the same spot for all testing with the engine running.

Also, I did not aim or alter the headlights in any way. I only installed the different bulbs for each test.

Listing of State Headlight Laws:

I got all of the bulbs for testing from MotorFiend:

Halogen bulbs were stock H4's/9003's:



The best place for answers to your automotive questions:

Camera: Derek Sims

Thanks for watching!

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My Luxi light meter:

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Фото с обложки Halogen Vs Hid Vs Led
Кадр из видео Halogen Vs Hid Vs Led
Кадр из видео Halogen Vs Hid Vs Led
Кадр из видео Halogen Vs Hid Vs Led

Halogen Vs Hid Vs Led

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