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YES! This is the fastest Escort Mk1 on the Track. It destroys Porsche GT3 and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on this track like nothing. Driven by Ryan Mangion. The Ford Escort has a 40 years old Kent Crossflow Engine - new build with Turbo and intercooler - it produces great power. It is probably the fastest escort in the world. At this Time Atttack the Escort had 1:08min, while the fastest Lancer Evo clocked 1:10min. The Porsche or the Evo was no competition for this Little beast. As Bonus you see him racing at two hillclimb races. The last Video is amazing. Nice Turbo spool up and fast shifting,

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Фото с обложки The Fastest Ford Escort Mk1 - Beats Porsche Gt3
Кадр из видео The Fastest Ford Escort Mk1 - Beats Porsche Gt3
Кадр из видео The Fastest Ford Escort Mk1 - Beats Porsche Gt3
Кадр из видео The Fastest Ford Escort Mk1 - Beats Porsche Gt3

The Fastest Ford Escort Mk1 - Beats Porsche Gt3

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