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Otc Encore Tool Review -Ericthecarguy
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April 24, 2015
"OTC announced today its ‘Diagnostics for Life’ program and new Bravo 2.0 software in North America for the Encore diagnostic tool. Providing a lifetime warranty on hardware, expanded technical service hours and a software overhaul, efforts were based on direct Encore owner feedback. This critical update, Bravo 2.0, is provided for every Encore owner with or without an active diagnostics subscription. Technicians will see a faster, more stable tool with additional vehicle coverage and a reduction in screen-to-screen waiting times."
More info on Diagnostics for Life here: https://www.otctools.com/diagnostics-for-life
I had the chance to use this tool for a while before I did the review. I even took it to Pittsburgh and showed it to ScannerDanner. We agree that it's a capable tool but perhaps a bit slow. I'm no expert, but I think it has something to do with the processor used. That said, it still has a lot of great features and at this price point, I think it's a great value. The Encore really shines when you add features like Identifix. With just a few clicks, you're well on your way to a diagnosis. The Android operating system also makes it easy to learn and use. All around, I think the OTC Encore is a great tool and represents a transition into the next generation of scan tools.
Camera: Brian Kast
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Identifix: https://www.identifix.com/Default.aspx
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Кадр из видео Otc Encore Tool Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Otc Encore Tool Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Otc Encore Tool Review -Ericthecarguy

Otc Encore Tool Review -Ericthecarguy

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