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We caught up with the Omega Pharma - Quick-Step team to find out what the riders get up to on a Tour de France rest day.
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Rest days are a rare chance for... you guessed it, rest during a Grand Tour.

Simon spent the day with Omega Pharma - Quick-Step to find out what the riders and staff get up to on rest days.

For the riders, the day is focused on recovery - getting a massage, eating, sleeping and going for a short ride. They also have media engagements. When we visited OPQS, the riders all attended a press event to announce their new sponsor for next season.

For the staff, there are hardly any chances to rest during the Tour. The day is more relaxed for the mechanics, but bikes still need to be cleaned, and for the soigneurs, legs still need to be massaged.

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Фото с обложки What Happens On A Rest Day? | Tour De France 2014
Кадр из видео What Happens On A Rest Day? | Tour De France 2014
Кадр из видео What Happens On A Rest Day? | Tour De France 2014
Кадр из видео What Happens On A Rest Day? | Tour De France 2014

What Happens On A Rest Day? | Tour De France 2014

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