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Toyota Land Cruiser SUV review:
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Mighty off road ability and total mechanical dependability make the Land Cruiser a top choice for anyone considering a journey to the ends of the earth. However, it lacks the comfort and versatility of rivals like the Land Rover Discovery 4. Tonka-toy looks and incredible mechanical toughness make the Land Cruiser a popular choice for drivers who are planning big adventures off-road. If it's gadgets galore you're after, though, you won't be disappointed, as the cabin is well equipped, with satellite navigation, air-conditioning and electric windows standard on top-specification models. Inside, the interior looks and feels a little dated, but at least there's a new dashboard that gathers together all those easy to use controls in a smart looking fashion. Chunky indicator stalks and heater controls are in keeping with the car's no-nonsense image.


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Фото с обложки Toyota Land Cruiser Suv (2009-2013) Review - Carbuyer
Кадр из видео Toyota Land Cruiser Suv (2009-2013) Review - Carbuyer
Кадр из видео Toyota Land Cruiser Suv (2009-2013) Review - Carbuyer
Кадр из видео Toyota Land Cruiser Suv (2009-2013) Review - Carbuyer

Toyota Land Cruiser Suv (2009-2013) Review - Carbuyer

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