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Compression Testing and What You Can Learn From It - EricTheCarGuy

Here is a video on performing a compression test on an engine to assess it's mechanical condition. An engines ability to compress air and fuel is directly proportional to it's performance since an engine is nothing more than an air compressor once you take away all the controls. A compression test is a good general test that will give you an idea of the engine's overall health but it does not give specific information on what the problem is should there be one, for that a "leak down test" would be required, here is a link to that video.

However if you find yourself looking for the source of a performance problem with an engine, this is a great place to start. This test is often overlooked in favor of looking at the fuel or ignition system, I think that's a mistake, if an engine can't perform mechanically no amount of electronics will make that better.

Recently, I hit the 500 subscriber mark and I'd like to thank all of my subscribers past, present, and hopefully in the future for that. I enjoy making these videos and the fact that you seem to like watching them means a lot to me. So, thanks for subscribing, rating, and commenting, those little contributions make it all worth while.


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Also see the video I did, "Octane Ratings and the 4 Stroke Engine Cycle" for more information on how compression works and why it is important.

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How To Perform A Compression Test - Ericthecarguy

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