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This comes up a LOT. The classic symptoms are a Honda that stalls while driving or starts and dies when trying to start the engine. The problem is the electrical portion of the Ignition switch. It's a very common problem with Honda's and Acura's going back a number of years. The sad truth is that many times the fuel pump gets replaced when this problem occurs. This is a very bad idea as Honda fuel pumps hardly ever have issues and replacing them with an aftermarket unit often causes more problems than it solves. Not to mention it's not the root cause of the problem with the no start or stalling. You only need to replace the electrical portion of the switch, NOT the lock and tumbler assembly. I hope this simple test helps you solve your stalling/no start problem with your Honda or Acura. Here's some useful links for you.

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Solving Honda Stalling Problems -Ericthecarguy

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