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The design of the motorcycle and diesel engine was invented almost at the same time. However, these devices have gone through separate paths of evolution. Few could have imagined,
that once data design will work in a single ensemble. Of course, the diesel motorcycle is something from the category of exotic, but modern craftsmen collect and not such units.
The differences between a “petrol motorcycle” and a “diesel motorcycle” are immediately visible - that is, when the engine is started. Instead of the quiet sound of a gasoline engine, there is a low rumble
diesels. In addition, the diesel engine, in contrast to the gasoline (which immediately responds to the opening of the gas), reacts very slowly.
The main difference between this unit from the usual, gasoline - a method of preparing air-fuel mixture, feed the mixture into the cylinder and its ignition. In the traditional,
gasoline engine fuel is connected to the air before it enters the cylinder, and ignited by a spark plug. Diesel engine works on a different principle.
Here, air is first supplied, then the air is compressed under pressure. After that, the air is heated to temperatures at which the fuel can ignite on its own.
Diesel is injected into the cylinders through the injectors under severe pressure. However, this is not all the differences. The main advantage is the increased efficiency of such motors.
Diesel motorcycles are a rarity these days. For the most part, they are used by enthusiasts who want to install a unit on heavy fuel instead of a gasoline engine.
If the diesel engine is reduced in size,its main problem lies in the degree of compression of the fuel-air mixture. In gasoline engines, it is about 10:1
— different manufacturers have different ways. And the "diesel" compression ratio reaches 18:1 or even 20:1. This is the degree needed to ignite the mixture without using
spark plug.


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Фото с обложки Crazy Turbo Diesel Motorcycle You Have Never Seen
Кадр из видео Crazy Turbo Diesel Motorcycle You Have Never Seen
Кадр из видео Crazy Turbo Diesel Motorcycle You Have Never Seen
Кадр из видео Crazy Turbo Diesel Motorcycle You Have Never Seen

Crazy Turbo Diesel Motorcycle You Have Never Seen

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