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The Tire Pressure Monitoring system light will let you know when your tire pressure is low and when your sensors are malfunctioning. In this video I show you how to find the correct tire pressure (door sill sticker), find the low tire, inflate the tire, and also inspect all of the tires. For every 10°F the pressure will change 1psi and in this case, Fall has a large change in temperature and it triggered the TPMS light.

If the low tire pressure light is flashing, this is usually due to low batteries. The batteries should last from 5-7 years or around 100,000 miles. Unfortunately the only way to replace these batteries is to take the tire off the rim.

In 2005 the US governemnt told the car companies to get ready to have all their cars include a standard TPMS and in 2007 it was required for every new car to have TPMS

Here is a link to the awesome tire pressure gauge I used:

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Фото с обложки How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Light (Tpms)
Кадр из видео How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Light (Tpms)
Кадр из видео How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Light (Tpms)
Кадр из видео How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Light (Tpms)

How To Reset Low Tire Pressure Light (Tpms)

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