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Discover the best apps for the iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max. From an app that lets you translate in real time, a weather app that gives minute by minute forecasts, an app that lets you scan documents, track fitness & even earn rewards this video includes the Best Apps you need to install on your new iPhone XS.

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Let us know what your favorite iPhone XS Apps are in the Comments Below! Thanks for watching!

Apple Watch Series 4 Best Apps:

iPhone XS Hidden Features:

Apple Watch Series 4 Hidden Features:

iOS 12 Hidden Features:

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Фото с обложки Best Apps For The Iphone Xs - Complete App List
Кадр из видео Best Apps For The Iphone Xs - Complete App List
Кадр из видео Best Apps For The Iphone Xs - Complete App List
Кадр из видео Best Apps For The Iphone Xs - Complete App List

Best Apps For The Iphone Xs - Complete App List

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