Mapping My Clio Rs To 240Bhp!

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Mapping My Clio Rs To 240Bhp!
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Today we took Evan's Mk4 Clio RS up to Leeds to who is regarded as the UK's most reputable Renault tuners, RS Tuning. We estimated that with the ITG induction kit and straight through exhaust Evan was running, he would probably see gains up to 250bhp. The car made a healthy and strong 202bhp from stock on it's first run but we quickly noticed the 95ron fuel was restricting more gains. To anyone looking to map their car, and not just the Clio RS, we recommend ALWAYS having 97ron or above fuel in your car to maximise the power gains. We anticipate Evan's car may have reached the 250bhp mark if we had known this at the time, but you live and you learn!
Thankyou for watching and we hope you enjoyed!
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- Bitofpizza

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Кадр из видео Mapping My Clio Rs To 240Bhp!
Кадр из видео Mapping My Clio Rs To 240Bhp!
Кадр из видео Mapping My Clio Rs To 240Bhp!

Mapping My Clio Rs To 240Bhp!, Bitofpizza

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