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Welcome to this HUGE cargo special! Seen here are pure landings and take offs of 40! cargo airlines with many different types of aircaft! From the much loved MD-11 to the massive Boeing 747-8F. Filmed at five different airports: Amsterdam, Cologne-Bonn, Frankfurt, New York JFK and London Heathrow airport. Aircraft types in this video: Antanov 124, MD-11F, B747-200F, B747-400F, B747-800F, A330F, B767-200F, B767-300F, A300F, B757F and B777F. ENJOY! ⇊ For more info & Aircraft shortcuts⇊

*Note: I know these are not all cargo airlines and types on the world, but just a collection that I filmed thru the years ;)

✈Plane shortcuts✈
00:00 Antanov 124-100________________Volga-Dnepr
01:01 MD-11F__________________________Lufthansa Cargo
01:45 B747-8HV/F______________________Air Bridge Cargo
02:47 A330-243/F_______________________DHL
03:51 B777-FFX_________________________Etihad Cargo
04:38 B747-412/SCDF___________________Singapore Airlines Cargo
05:37 B747-83Q/F_______________________Qatar Cargo
06:36 B777-F1B__________________________China Southern Cargo
07:26 B747-222B/SF_____________________Kalitta Air
08:28 MD-11F____________________________UPS
09:14 B747-8F___________________________UPS
09:51 B767W-34A/ERF___________________UPS
10:33 B767-25E/BDSF____________________Star Air
11:52 MD-11F____________________________UPS
13:39 B767W-323/ER(BDSF)______________Cargojet Airways
15:05 A330-243/F________________________Etihad Cargo
15:48 B747-467/ERF_____________________Cathay Pacific Cargo
16:29 B747-409/BDSF____________________Air Cargo Global
17:02 B777-F1H___________________________Emirates SkyCargo
17:44 B747-412/BCF______________________Martinair Cargo
18:44 B747-8KZ/F__________________________Nippon Cargo
20:00 A330-243/F__________________________Qatar Cargo
20:55 B747-83Q/F__________________________Silkway Cargo
21:58 MD-11F______________________________Martinair Cargo
22:38 B747-406/ERF________________________KLM Cargo
24:32 B747-867/F__________________________Cathay Pacific Cargo
26:48 B747-4R7/F__________________________Cargolux Italia
28:55 B767W-316/ERF_____________________Latam Cargo
29:45 B777-FFG___________________________Saudia Cargo
30:35 B747-481/BDSF_____________________Saudia Cargo
31:31 A330-243/F_________________________Turkish Cargo
32:55 B747-481/BDSF____________________Yangtze River Experess
34:02 B777-F6N__________________________China Cargo Airlines
34:58 B757-28A/SF_______________________FedEx
35:44 A330-243/F________________________MNG Cargo
36:37 B747-428/BCF_____________________National Air Cargo
37:13 B777-FBT_________________________Lufthansa Cargo
37:57 B747-428/ERF_____________________Air Cargo Logic
38:30 B767-33P/ER(BCF)________________Uzbekistan Cargo
39:16 MD-11F___________________________FedEx
39:52 B777-FFT_________________________Air China Cargo
40:37 B777-F___________________________Ethiopian Cargo
41:05 B757W-236/PCF__________________DHL
42:01 B747-409/F______________________China Airlines Cargo
43:02 B777-FDZ________________________Qatar Cargo
43:51 A300B4-622R/F__________________DHL
44:53 B747-4R7/F______________________Silkway Cargo
45:52 B777-F1H________________________Emirates SkyCargo
46:36 B747-8B5/F______________________Korean Air Cargo
47:35 B747-446/BCF___________________Western Global Airlines
48:27 B777-FB5________________________Korean Air Cargo
49:22 A300B4-605R/F__________________MNG Cargo
50:44 B747-4R7/F______________________UPS
51:23 B747-48E/BDSF__________________Asiana Cargo
52:10 B777-F1H________________________Emirates SkyCargo (Rosie livery)
52:43 B747-867/F______________________Cathay Pacific Cargo (Hongkong trader livery)
53:13 B777-FB5________________________Korean Air Cargo
53:47 B747-4HA/ERF___________________Cargolux
54:52 B777-F16________________________LAN Cargo
55:33 B747-8R7/F_____________________Cargolux (Cutaway livery)
56:13 B747-406/ERF___________________KLM Cargo
57:01 B777-FZN________________________AeroLogic
59:09 B747-4HQ/ERF___________________Cargolux
01:00:09 MD-11F_______________________Lufthansa Cargo
01:00:38 MD-11F_______________________Martinair Cargo
01:01:37 B747-83Q/F___________________Silkway Cargo

Video's taken at: Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Cologne-Bonn airport, Frankfurt airport, JFK New York airport & London Heathrow airport.
Video's taken on: 2016-2019
Camera: Sony HX-400V
Tripod: Manfrotto MT055XPRO with an Manfrotto MHXPRO-2W videohead.

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Фото с обложки 1 Hour Of Pure Cargo Aircraft, 40 Cargo Airlines, Md-11f, An124, B747f, A330f, A330f, B777f, B767f
Кадр из видео 1 Hour Of Pure Cargo Aircraft, 40 Cargo Airlines, Md-11f, An124, B747f, A330f, A330f, B777f, B767f
Кадр из видео 1 Hour Of Pure Cargo Aircraft, 40 Cargo Airlines, Md-11f, An124, B747f, A330f, A330f, B777f, B767f
Кадр из видео 1 Hour Of Pure Cargo Aircraft, 40 Cargo Airlines, Md-11f, An124, B747f, A330f, A330f, B777f, B767f

1 Hour Of Pure Cargo Aircraft, 40 Cargo Airlines, Md-11f, An124, B747f, A330f, A330f, B777f, B767f

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