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Dan, James and Oscar show you five essential skills they believe will make you into a more confident rider. These skills do take practice but aren’t too difficult to master, they will help you become more comfortable when riding in a group and out on the open roads.

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The first skill we feel is important to get you started, is braking. Now, this could give you sleepless nights with images of you flying over the handlebars in a very unflattering manner. We have some really easy to learn tips to help you ensure your braking is controlled, effective and safe.

Riding out of the saddle is an important skill to become well accustomed to. Not only does it give you a respite from sitting on your saddle on a long ride, but it also comes in useful when you want to get maximum power out onto the road.

Cornering is a key skill you will come to enjoy more and more. Whether you're descending down a mountain or ripping it up on your local lanes. You will ultimately always end up coming to a corner. We want to help you feel more comfortable when railing it around them.

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How To Corner Safely 📹

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Фото с обложки 5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn
Кадр из видео 5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn
Кадр из видео 5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn
Кадр из видео 5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn

5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn

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