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Mark Beaumont is best known for his round the world record-breaking ride last summer and he is now attempting something completely different; the penny farthing hour record!

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This world record has stood for over 100 years and Beaumont had his eyes firmly set on it. He was supported by a team of riders who he would use for drafting. Mark clearly gave it his all, even collapsing after the finish! Was this enough to land him the world record? Watch the full video to find out...

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📹 Mark Beaumont's World Record

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Фото с обложки Taking On The Hour Record - On A Penny Farthing?!
Кадр из видео Taking On The Hour Record - On A Penny Farthing?!
Кадр из видео Taking On The Hour Record - On A Penny Farthing?!
Кадр из видео Taking On The Hour Record - On A Penny Farthing?!

Taking On The Hour Record - On A Penny Farthing?!

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