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Peloton is a French word which literally translated is "Little Ball", however, Dan is here to explain what the Peloton is in cycling terms.

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The Peloton is the main body of riders in a road race. Due to the advantages of slipstreaming, a large bunch of cyclists tend to stay together on the flat as they are then able to save energy behind those at the front of the Peloton who are setting the pace.

The peloton is generally led by riders from one team who could be defending a leaders jersey or preparing to leadout a sprint.

Our video also shows the different type of formations that the peloton may ride at.

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Фото с обложки What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained
Кадр из видео What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained
Кадр из видео What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained
Кадр из видео What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained

What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained

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