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We pit a pure road cyclist against a pure Olympic track sprinter in this "who's the better cyclist video". We do 6 challenges with the winner getting a 30-second time bonus on each challenge, then a final showdown on a climb wraps up who's the better overall cyclist.

I am the Roadie in this test, I am a Cat 2 with a 5 watt per kilo FTP. Tomas is an Olympic caliber track sprinter who has one hell of a sprint on him. the challenges are a MAX Sprint, 30-second Sprint, a Beachbody Challenge, Max Cadence, a heads up Sprint, and a 20-minute crit.

we really get to see each cyclist, the Roadie and the track star shine in their respective disciplines. hope you enjoy the video and if you can help Tomas reach the Olympics in 2020, please reach out to him and offer your support.

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Фото с обложки Road Cyclist Vs Track Sprinter (Who'S The Better Cyclist?)
Кадр из видео Road Cyclist Vs Track Sprinter (Who'S The Better Cyclist?)
Кадр из видео Road Cyclist Vs Track Sprinter (Who'S The Better Cyclist?)
Кадр из видео Road Cyclist Vs Track Sprinter (Who'S The Better Cyclist?)

Road Cyclist Vs Track Sprinter (Who'S The Better Cyclist?)

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