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Since the lift when in in February 2015 I've been asked to do an updated shop tour video. I've had some time to get settled in and here's that video.

BTW, I LOVE being a the shop these days. Sometimes I just go there to stare at the lift to make sure it's still there. This means more and better repair videos to come.

Intro music by Eric Cook "ETCG1 Intro".

Thanks for watching!

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Фото с обложки Updated Shop Tour May 2015 -Etcg1
Кадр из видео Updated Shop Tour May 2015 -Etcg1
Кадр из видео Updated Shop Tour May 2015 -Etcg1
Кадр из видео Updated Shop Tour May 2015 -Etcg1

Updated Shop Tour May 2015 -Etcg1

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