One Breath Around The World
Guillaume Néry
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NEW FILM: Our new short film (12 min) is finally out. Turn out the light, put your headphones and freedive with me around the world

This great adventure was possible thanks to the support of a great team
* Julie Gautier, my wife. One more time she did an AMAZING work. Everything she is shooting with her camera become magic. Of course, she shot as usual all the images on breath hold!
* Almo Film and his boss Morgan Le Faucheur for his support as co producer of the project during the post production process.
* Ben Nardini, the multi task guy: Editing, Sound design and drone pilot!
* Guillaume Ferran, the magician behind the original soundtrack
* Arthur Paux, as usual, who made the beautiful color correction
* Leonard Mercier added a great touch with the compositing and stabilization
* Xavier Fulbert / Ideocast made the sound mix
* Franck Seguin the fantastic photographer who made a book edited by Glenat #apleinsouffle

Of course, nothing would be possible without the safety and logistic support from our friends / freedivers around the world: Wilfried Souza, Nico, Dolswim, Julien Borde, Pranamaya Freediving, Rodrigo Salsas, Louis Pasquer, Suzanne Lim, Luke Schroeder, Catalin Craciun, Freediving Coron, Carlo Navarro, MJ Paula, Odessa Bugarin, Ryuzo Shinomiya, Tomoka Tsukakoshi, Kikachiro and Shotaro Maja, Denis Grosmaire, Moorea freediving, Sane Richmond, Tetamanu Village et Diving, Patea Alexandre, Tevai Malinowski, Monique Daudon, Antero Joki, Maria Hellinger, Kiki Bosch

Supported by Cressi, Nauticam, Department of Tourism - Philippines, Bluenery

Special thanks: Clovis Kerville, Mauritius Film Development Corporation, René Heuzey, Divers' Ocean, Juli and Salomon, Imam El Dio, Daniel Minnella, Ville de Nice, Véronique El Bahjaoui, Hélène De Tayrac-Senik, Bastien Soleil
Special thanks to The Oceania Project for the whale song at the end:

Фото с обложки One Breath Around The World
Кадр из видео One Breath Around The World
Кадр из видео One Breath Around The World
Кадр из видео One Breath Around The World

One Breath Around The World

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