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Diesel Power Challenge 2018 Presented by XDP’s 9 reader-selected contenders compete in an event designed to assess each driver’s skill. On the cone course, the spotlight shifts from a truck’s go-fast prowess to the driver’s ability to navigate a CDL-style training circuit while maneuvering with an 11,500-pound tractor-carrying trailer in tow. Completing the course with the quickest time can help a driver inch closer to claiming the overall DPC title. #DieselPowerChallenge

Starting October 8, 2018 exclusively on the Motor Trend YouTube Channel, host Alan Reinhart takes you through our weeklong torture test that features 6 competitive segments, 9 trucks, and 20,522.3 combined horsepower and torque at the rear wheels. We push Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke-powered trucks well beyond their limits in this search for the ultimate street-legal diesel truck and driver.

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Diesel Power Challenge 2018 | Part 4 – Cone Course

Фото с обложки Diesel Power Challenge 2018 | Part 4 – Cone Course

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Game Bred Duramax
Game Bred Duramax . 1 месяц назад
Diesel power challenge is take a bunch of cucks that have never taken there trucks off the dyno and drive them in real life. Sucks nobody knows how to drive anymore it’s all about dyno dyno dyno
I am blessed by Sweden __
I am blessed by Sweden __ . 1 месяц назад
Bring back Dirt everyday and roadkill
David Witcher
David Witcher . 1 месяц назад
Wow that was painful to watch.
Erik Clausen
Erik Clausen . 1 месяц назад
They have make this event so tight and slow its boring to watch. When I was in DPC it looked like way more fun and not so technical. Being able to accelerate and not idle around the course sounds better.
Two Number 9s
Two Number 9s . 1 месяц назад
Shittiest Diesel Power Challenge has been this one! Way to go MT
Sean Pentz
Sean Pentz . 1 месяц назад
the big guy does not know how to drive his truck
Oscar Ogg
Oscar Ogg . 1 месяц назад
lmao I knew it 90% of these parking lot princesses do nothing but roll coal and dyno runs
Sergeant Speed
Sergeant Speed . 1 месяц назад
Wow only a couple guys even grasp the idea of trailer maneuvering... 😨
smcox1991 . 1 месяц назад
The guy in the mega cab 🤦‍♂️😂 Those state trooper Tahoes already so low that thing was definitely maxed out. That was the best part and you guys run the credits over it 🖕
TheManInBlack . 1 месяц назад
Am I the only one who dislikes the host???
Robert Parsonson
Robert Parsonson . 1 месяц назад
That cop just proved you don't need a high powered diesel to get the job done.
*Blu Gods*
*Blu Gods* . 1 месяц назад
Don't like how they had it laid out this year was better previous
Michael Frederic
Michael Frederic . 1 месяц назад
what was the cop's time though ???
Jesse Mavis
Jesse Mavis . 1 месяц назад
Favourite challenge of the series, really separates drivers from buyers.
Eric . 1 месяц назад
looks like none of these guys have ever towed anything in there lives lmao. road queens.
Nate Griewisch
Nate Griewisch . 1 месяц назад
I definitely prefer brian lohnes for the announcer and where is the time for the cop?
Nathan Goocher
Nathan Goocher . 1 месяц назад
This was honestly the least exciting cone course I've seen noone gave it any balls on the course. I would think maybe the trailer was too heavy but if the Tahoe can do it it's not that bad just boring
FishFind3000 . 1 месяц назад
Wow almost nobody can drive.... guess they proves the point that they don’t actually use there trucks for work. Just posers
leadersquad . 1 месяц назад
Please don't bring this announcer back.
Sergeant Speed
Sergeant Speed . 1 месяц назад
I'd love to watch these guys maneuver a 53 foot back into a 90 degree turn in Chicago. Now that's tight.
Boris Fett
Boris Fett . 1 месяц назад
That't not that long nor that heavy of a trailer. Wish I could have been there to give it a go in my truck.
John Ulicky
John Ulicky . 1 месяц назад
"Look at me in muh big diesel truck!! Im a trucker!" Hook a trailer up and suddenly most of these guys are your average skid mark behind the wheel.
Randy Trevor
Randy Trevor . 1 месяц назад
All this challenge showed us is these guys should not be allowed to haul a trailer on a public road. That was hard to watch. No wide turns, Over correcting like crazy. These are the type of idiot who rip the side off someone’s car in traffic. Stick to the dyno and drag strip smh 🤦‍♂️
The excitement is killing me! So much action it is just overwhelming!
Lbm Shepherd
Lbm Shepherd . 1 месяц назад
As the host said that long trailer. How bout a 50ft wedge trailer that's a long trailer. The host is just dull and don't know anything
Ethan Northrop
Ethan Northrop . 1 месяц назад
Anyone notice they have a oversized load sign on the white freightliner they brought the trailer in with lmao. Super trucker status
Randy Trevor
Randy Trevor . 1 месяц назад
New challenge idea! . Give these guys a trailer and let them tow it threw the city and see how many curbs and cars they can hit in a five mile span Ahahaha !
Nano II
Nano II . 1 месяц назад
Oh my god....last time I watched this channel was 2 years ago...Wait why did the channel change so much? I remember there were 2 peeps making Head2heads....those were much more fun than this....I might as well unsubscribe
Boris Fett
Boris Fett . 1 месяц назад
That looks to be a bit to much weight for that troopers SUV. 27:51
George Costanza
George Costanza . 1 месяц назад
lets see how many get disqualified before they even start. "well he has white paint and the rules for this competition say summer colors only so he is disqualified"
Michial McCullough
Michial McCullough . 1 месяц назад
They need to bring back the short straight away on the trailer challenge, get rid of that announcer, and have 3 Chevy 3 dodges 3 fords and the returning champ again wtf is with this line up this year?
Jason Waterfalls
Jason Waterfalls . 1 месяц назад
Remember people...this isn't a serious or legit showcase of the diesel truck competition world. It's one big product placement ad filled with dyno queens at this point... Try not to take this silliness too seriously.
854RUN . 1 месяц назад
The one guy with a manual and he cant drive it. That G56 has a 6.29 or 5.94 first gear for towing heavy loads, use it.
George Evagora
George Evagora . 1 месяц назад
should've been 5 second penalty for hitting a cone tbf
Ricer84 D
Ricer84 D . 1 месяц назад
Coal rolling D-bags. 🤦‍♂️
Sean Haggai
Sean Haggai . 1 месяц назад
This event was in June! Took your video team this long to create the videos?
Lt DieseL
Lt DieseL . 1 месяц назад
I can back an 80' long peice of farm equipment with two implements behind into a shop door from a 90° faster than most these guys can spool their truck! let alone back a 100' straight line! Also half these guys just had a revelation that tow mirrors actually have a purpose😂
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage . 1 месяц назад
That old Ford with the 5.9 stole the show! (I know the D-Max won but still)