Emma's In-Depth Bike Fit | Geek Edition

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Emma's In-Depth Bike Fit | Geek Edition
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After Emma's recent bike fit over on GCN, we thought it would be interesting to go into the detail and science behind a bike fit. How do the bike fitters know whether your saddle is too low or your reach is too short?
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Saddle height and position doesn't just affect whether you get knee pain or saddle soreness, but it can also have a major effect on your weight distribution on the bike. This in turn will change the way the bike handles.
Crank length is something people should spend a bit more time thinking about. Most people just take whatever crank length their bike comes with, but different crank lengths can effectively change your saddle height, so it's really worth making sure you've got the right crank length for you.
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Кадр из видео Emma's In-Depth Bike Fit | Geek Edition
Кадр из видео Emma's In-Depth Bike Fit | Geek Edition
Кадр из видео Emma's In-Depth Bike Fit | Geek Edition

Emma's In-Depth Bike Fit | Geek Edition

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