Cadillac Limo For Rent In New York

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Cadillac Limo For Rent In New York
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Built by one of the most highly regarded Certified Master Coach builders (CMC) of Cadillac limousines, this DTS is a beautifully elegant option to consider. This car is built to Cadillac specifications, including factory 17" chrome rims, original "White Diamond" pearl white paint, and a strong identifiable emblem. The interior features an exciting and elegant fiber-optic lighting setup in and around the bar and ceiling, the back plate of the bar, and the partition are covered in a mirror/twilight backing that is very romantic. There is a 15" flat screen TV mounted on the partition, a 9"flat screen mounted mid-vehicle on the passenger side, and a 9" T.V. mounted toward the driver side rear of the vehicle. All three flat screens are connected to a DVD player and play through our state-of-the-art, custom made stereo system featuring three 12" kicker" sub-woofers, powered by a 1,000-watt amplifier and a separate 600 watt amplifier for the "Blaupunkt" speakers on the interior. This vehicle looks great, sounds great, and looks terrific in pictures.

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Кадр из видео Cadillac Limo For Rent In New York
Кадр из видео Cadillac Limo For Rent In New York
Кадр из видео Cadillac Limo For Rent In New York

Cadillac Limo For Rent In New York, Legend Limousines

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