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A detailed look at the Lego City Cargo Train that is controlled using the Powered Up app. Sponsored by Karl Miller of the Karl Miller Team for the purpose of being donated to St Jude Hospital.
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Pieces 1226
Price $229.99

Load up the powerful Lego City 60198 Cargo Train and deliver the goods on time! This cool Lego City set features a motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth remote control, accessible driver’s cabin, a crane wagon with rotating and extendable boom arm, container wagon with 2 containers, and a log wagon, plus an armored truck with opening doors, and a forklift with opening roll cage and lifting forks. This cool Lego train set also includes a full circular track with 16 curved rails, 16 straight rails and a railroad switch with lever, plus a control center with ladder and 2 buildable pallets with money bills, gold bar elements, a snow scooter and 6 Lego minifigures.

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Lego City Train Cargo All New Bricks 60198 Bulid Review Powered Up App

Фото с обложки Lego City 60198 Cargo Train With Powered Up App
Кадр из видео Lego City 60198 Cargo Train With Powered Up App
Кадр из видео Lego City 60198 Cargo Train With Powered Up App
Кадр из видео Lego City 60198 Cargo Train With Powered Up App

Lego City 60198 Cargo Train With Powered Up App

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