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10 Coolest Smartest Toys Which Actually Exist !
10 Coolest Strongest Toys Which Actually Exist !

A toy is an item that is used in play, especially one designed for such use. Playing with toys can be an enjoyable means of training young children for life in society. Different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic are used to make toys. Many items are designed to serve as toys, but goods produced for other purposes can also be used.
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+Number 1 Star Wars Sphero
you can call this Robot a person or A little Cute baby , it has incredibly unique and Smart Design

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+Number 2 Cozmo
the tiny robot cosmo has ability to interact with the world around us using artificial intelligence and computer vision

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+Number 3 galaxy zega
this kit comes with two Bluetooth control tanks and a 16 vertical walls that can be arrange on the panel in order to create battle field

+Number 4 M.I.P
This toy is interesting , for both children and adults it is a balancing Robot

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+Number 5 Ziro
, introducing ziro , these guys making Robotics Easy and Fun for everyone , they created ziro ,world first gesture controlled robotics kit for everyone

+Number 6 Anki overdrive
With Anki-Overdrive module , you can create 8 different tracks

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+Number 7 Quirkbot
quirkbot , it is a further development for straw bees, a construction kit based on connecting straws to each other

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+Number 8 Thymio
This is Small programmable Robot 4 by 4 inch in size , which is equipped with sensors and LEDs

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+Number 9 CogniToy
Introducing the new line of toys cognate
able to understand their owner and can communicate with them

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+Number 10 Ozobot
This cute baby interact with physical and digital games which reacts to lines , pattern and color on on any surface

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Фото с обложки 10 Most Unique Toys Which Actually Exist !
Кадр из видео 10 Most Unique Toys Which Actually Exist !
Кадр из видео 10 Most Unique Toys Which Actually Exist !
Кадр из видео 10 Most Unique Toys Which Actually Exist !

10 Most Unique Toys Which Actually Exist !

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