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For a first taste of bikepacking, Si's certainly not gone in steady - with an epic 4 day trip from Morocco's capital of Marrakesh to the high Atlas Mountains. And who better to show him the ropes than former Transcontinental Race winner and bikepacking enthusiast Josh Ibbett.

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It's 6.30am in a remote, rocky location in the High Atlas Mountains, Simon Richardson is waking up from his first ever Bivvy. That's right, a whole lot of chamois time for the former pro cyclist who has often professed his disliking of 'touring'.

Will the experience change Si's mind? Thankfully experienced bikepacker Josh Ibbett is on hand talk and show Si through how to handle the trip when it gets remote!

Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA

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Фото с обложки Gcn Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Кадр из видео Gcn Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Кадр из видео Gcn Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Кадр из видео Gcn Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Gcn Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

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