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Ironclad Glove Review -Ericthecarguy
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Use Promo Code "MOTOR15" at checkout for a 15% discount through September 30, 2015!
EXO Motor Utility: $12.99
EXO Motor Pro: $14.99
EXO Motor Grip: $22.99
EXO Motor Impact: $29.99
Box Handler: $29.99
Mach-5 Vibration Impact: $31.99
Vibration Impact (with fingers): $31.99
Mechanic Glove: $9.99
Tundra: $64.99
Ironclad Website:
Ironclad EXO Gloves:
Glove Sizing Chart:
It took some time to try all these out but I can honestly say I was happy with all of them. I liked some better than others, but some had some really great features. Check out their website, they have a LOT more gloves than I tried out here. You might find something perfectly suited for your needs.
I have to say, I may be converted to using this type of glove in the future. I just washed my Mechanc gloves and they came out good as new. Considering the cost, it's actually less expensive than the latex gloves I've been using for many years. Yes, there are some drawbacks such as the feedback you get from using latex or nitrile gloves, but on the flip side, my gloves aren't filling up with sweat on hot days or ripping during use.
You can decide what's right for you but if you're considering something other than latex or nitrile, I'd suggest giving Ironclad a look.
Nitrile Gloves:
Diamond Grip:
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Кадр из видео Ironclad Glove Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Ironclad Glove Review -Ericthecarguy
Кадр из видео Ironclad Glove Review -Ericthecarguy

Ironclad Glove Review -Ericthecarguy

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